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OBTIGO – Data Fusion Solutions for Intelligence

OBTIGO™ combines Big Data processing capabilities and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) methods to deliver End-to-End solution in a
single product for Investigation, Monitoring, Case Management,
Reporting and Big Data Analytics.

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OBTIGO™ is a purpose-built solution for
Military Intelligence and Law enforcement
teams, drawing from years of experience in
providing intelligence systems to government
and commercial customers around the world

Complete solution

OBTIGO™ includes everything analysts need in
a simple to use system. A complete End-to-End
solution in a single product for Investigation,
Monitoring, Case Management, Reporting and
Big Data Analytics

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Artificial intelligence

OBTIGO™ integrates Natural Language
Processing (NLP) and a semantic engine for
big data sense-making. By correlating extracted
Entities, Topics and Relations with data patterns
and major events, OBTIGO™ provides much
greater insight into risks and investigation with
actionable recommendations.

All Your Data

With OBTIGO™, you are operating on all your
data, including structured and unstructured data,
in hundreds of formats. A comprehensive data
preparation layer automatically transform data,
normalize it, analyze and correlate it with existing
data. Special proprietary methods are used to
prepare unstructured data for AI

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There is no ‘catching up’ with intelligence.


Explore all the data across multiple dimensions: time, geography, text and relations. Find results quickly with the power of cognitive search and simple navigation.

awareness and rapid alerts

Monitor & Alert

Analysts and operators facing complex, large scenarios can focus on what counts with OBTIGO™’s real-time situation awareness and alerts.

Intelligence Edge


Batch, stream or load data on demand with built-in data discovery and data preparation layer to convert and fuse all types of data. Users can add their own
sources and files with the SMaRT™ data wizard.

Speed and Savings


Analyze all your data with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to uncover data anomalies and patterns, discover suspicious activities and targets, and expose hidden relations.

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