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Monitoring and Analyzing the Dark&Deep Web


HIWIRE™ Dark uniquely empowers organizations to monitor, analyze and address threats that originate in hidden and anonymous social activity on darknet deep web, including financial fraud, identity theft, black market sales of weapons and drugs, cybercrime and more.

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Automatic and Transparent

Automatic and Transparent

HIWIRE™ Dark’s fully automatic, intelligent monitoring algorithms provide deeper reach, more comprehensive analysis, and prioritized real-time alerts.

Covert and Continuous

Covert and Continuous

HIWIRE™ Dark uses hidden service locators, not avatars – making it harder for criminals to track monitoring – and continues to track and communicate with hackers across evolving darknets.

Proactive on Darknet

View In Place

Combine deep analytical insights with live content view – verify findings and explore new possibilities. Automatic entity extraction delivers rapid time-to-intelligence.

Exposing the Darknet Web

HIWIRE™ Dark provides unlimited search, filter and analysis capabilities on pre-indexed and enriched darknet contents, actors, and sites from a user-friendly dashboard, without being exposed.

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