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Core: Knowledge Management Platform


HIWIRE™ Core features seamless knowledge management, unified workspaces, and priority queues.. Build cases, not databases – with secure messaging, workflow assignments, granular permissions, and archiving. HIWIRE™ Core is a dedicated knowledge management platform with built-in secure browsing.

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Virtual HUMINT

Broad Range

HIWIRE™ Core features a wide range of integration tools, including frame-by-frame video analysis, textual analysis, and tag- and content-based search. HIWIRE™ Core empowers 24/7 teams with immediate knowledge transfer – no downtime required.

Analyst Collaboration

Analyst Collaboration

HIWIRE™ Core provides indexing, sharing, searching, and cross-referencing. Secure internal chat and email, automated report generation, automatic translation, entity extraction, linguistic and sentiment analysis are just some of the many data enrichment tools at the analysts’ fingertips.

Organizational Control

Organization-wide Metrics

HIWIRE™ Core goes provides  system productivity graphs for vertical oversight, while a detailed administrative back-end allows organizational policy to inform setup, workflow, access, and granular control.

On-the-fly Data Capture

Real-time Intake

HIWIRE™ Core’s secure browsing environment provides real-time intake capabilities, combining structured analytics with unstructured content  – while automatically updating the case management backend.

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