Hiwire analytics
hiwire analytics

Automated Internet-Mediated Research Module


HIWIRE™ Analytics combines a dedicated search engine, context-adjusted normalized social media analytics,  and AI-powered sentiment analysis into a powerful package.

HIWIRE™ Analytics provides snapshot insights of social media ecosystems – revealing popular posts, opinion leaders, and topic initiators with text and visualization.


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Connecting the Dots

HIWIRE™ Analytics is a fully-featured, content oriented, automated Internet-Mediated Research (IMR) solution that helps analysts connect the dots between mapping and link analysis, data visualization, semantics and sentiment analysis.

Deep Web

Into the Deep Web

HIWIRE™ Analytics extends analyst reach, using proprietary algorithms to detect trending content and measure sentiment and activity changes.

Shorter Time to Intelligence

Shorter Time to Intelligence

HIWIRE™ Analytics empowers analysts to focus efforts and shorten intelligence delivery times – mapping subjects of interest across over 700 million web sources, categorizing results organically, and ranking results algorithmically.

Intelligent Influencer Identification

Intelligent Influencer Identification

Since social networks are not just text and keywords, HIWIRE™ Analytics contextually analyzes organic connections and content – more accurately identifying, flagging, and ranking inflection points.

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