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 WEBINT: Web Intelligence Solutions

HIWIRE™ seamlessly integrates online and mobile networks with analytics and dynamic topics of interest. Mitigate developing threats, set the pace of reaction, and quickly build knowledge. HIWIRE™ is the only complete, end-to-end WEBINT, COTS OSINT intelligence system. We are pleased to announce that HIWIRE™ has received a NATO Stock Number from the NATO Codification Board.

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HIWIRE™ Core is a secure browsing environment seamlessly connected to a powerful intelligence back-office that empowers organizations to rapidly build up a complete intelligence picture from open web, deep web and darknet sources.

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hiwire analytics

HIWIRE™ Analytics extends the reach of intelligence analysts, finding targets buried in the noise of online conversations and extracting trend insights from open and deep web sources.

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hiwire poi

For investigators and intelligence stakeholders, HIWIRE™ Person of Interest (P.O.I.) delivers fully automated, dynamic topics and conversations of interest.

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hiwire cyberecon

HIWIRE™ CybeRecon builds detailed cross-platform profiles, linking accounts, addresses, and phone numbers.

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hiwire survillance

HIWIRE™ Surveillance & Monitoring is an automated trend alert and post detection system for WEBINT designed to provide early warning against impending threats.

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hiwire connect

HIWIRE™ Connect provides a management interface for end-user access to popular mobile networks and messaging apps.

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HIWIRE™ Dark monitors, analyzes and addresses threats that originate in hidden and anonymous activity on the Darknet, including financial fraud, identity theft, black market sales of weapons and drugs, cybercrime and more.

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speed your



real time analysis



Accelerate Intelligence

Obtigo WIP

Rapid Enrichment and Efficient, Intelligent Fusion

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WIP - ISS World Middle East
WIP - ISS World Europe
WIP - ISS World Latin America

Virtual HUMINT

Manage hundreds of secure avatars and build active capabilities

Shorter Time to Intelligence

Shorter Time to Intelligence

Empower analysts with a suite of enrichment tools and streamlined workflows

Unify Your Data

Unify Your Data

Piece together a full intelligence picture from diverse sources

data footprint

Speed and Savings

Increased speed and reduced storage costs. Focus on fusion, not footprint

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