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Automated Social Media Watchlists


Forecasting has never been easier. HIWIRE™ P.O.I. uses automated watchlists built around keyword searches and topic selection to reveal influencer behavior, activity patterns, and interactions. Build priority lists of targets based on semantic analysis, affiliation, and impact.

HIWIRE™ P.O.I. contextually analyzes and delivers an intelligent influencer identification based on organic connections and content.

Automated Social Media Watch lists

Automated Social Media Watchlists

Create cross-platform social media watchlist on any topic in seconds, and let HIWIRE™ P.O.I. continuously float key social media profiles to your attention, based on preset queries of popularity, sentiment, platform, activity, influence etc. or custom queries in real time.

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Suggest and Identify

As HIWIRE™ P.O.I. cycles though tens of millions of profiles continuously, not only does the system suggest specific profiles for closer targeting, but it also let’s you drill down into profiles to visually identify avatars, bot-functions, counterintelligence agents etc. at a glance.


Early Warning

Activity timelines and other graphical data displays within HIWIRE™ P.O.I. allow you to stay ahead of changes in trends within any social media watchlist. Know when things are heating up, before they boil over.

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Intelligent Influencer Identification

Since social networks are not just text and keywords, HIWIRE™ P.O.I. contextually analyzes organic connections and content – more accurately identifying, flagging, and ranking community influencers for monitoring.

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