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WIP (webintPro) is a world leader pioneering innovative frontiers of web intelligence for over a decade.
Working as a seamless, scalable environment WIP helps governments and business organizations to resolve advanced threats, attacks, and suspicious cyber activities in real time allowing them to take a proactive approach.


Legacy players in this market mostly provide systems collecting huge amounts of information from various web sites, using tools such as simple crawlers. There repositories are then indexed and searched on. These obsolete solutions are expensive, convoluted, not allowing real-time results, and limiting the ability to interact and be exposed to privilege locations such as deep and dark net, closed groups and forums.


WIP has a unique and different approach to web intelligence based on many years of researching and supporting top intelligence government customers around the globe.

WIP solutions are able in real time to examine topics of interest (as limited as a single person or huge event such a terror or political campaign). The system can single out within minutes the relevant sources, actors and all interconnectivities, anomalies and impact on the audience.


Our solutions offer a unified, web intelligence-driven platform for advanced threat detection and response, integrating and analyzing all types of information provided collected from disparate sources including: open web, deep web, darknet, mobile chats and other customer owned data.


HIWIRE™ System is a premier WEBINT offering. Designed as a modular solution, HIWIRE™ is the only complete, end-to-end COTS OSINT intelligent system.


WIP (webintPro) is a privately held company, founded by intelligence agency professionals. We hire only the finest talents in the field, and we are focused on the development of cutting edge Intelligence Solutions and Platforms.
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on post-install support that is both efficient and useful.

WIP Team

Shai Schiller


Founder and CEO, brings decades of executive experience in the telecom, data, and internet fields. He specializes in enterprise-level analytics and systems integration.

Ory Arad

VP Sales

Ory has extensive experience in the defense and intelligence industry, with over 16 years of experience in a variety of executive positions. Ory has managed large scale projects and sales worldwide.

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