HIWIRE™ System Concept

HIWIRE™ was designed as more than a powerful, end-to-end toolset for the OSINT analyst. The complete system also addresses the different process requirements and concerns of crucial supporting functions within the purchasing organization.

For OSINT Analysts/Operators

Log into a single Intelligence Desk™ to access a comprehensive array of tools needed throughout the web intelligence production lifecycle, from social media mapping and analysis, to cultivation and operation of virtual avatars, all the way through data collection, processing and report generation.

For OSINT Teams/Managers

HIWIRE™ allows operation team leaders and managers to view operator output in real-time, facilitate collaboration, and measure efficiency. Drill down to find out where and how your team is most effective, and guide them towards the right sources, tools and tactics within the system and on the web.

For Technical IT Personnel

HIWIRE™ is a fully-featured product, not an integration project. We supply hardware, software, technical training and support. The system is fully configurable on the fly, and will hook up painlessly to external data sources. It supports a secure air gap workflow, and granular compartmentalization right out of the box.

For Purchasing Organizations

HIWIRE™ is the only system of its kind provided COTS, and deployed in conjunction with exhaustive technical and methodological OSINT training. Your organization is already producing valuable intelligence on HIWIRE™ less than a month from purchase order.

Core HIWIRE™ System Capabilities

HIWIRE™ is designed by OSINT professionals for OSINT professionals. All system capabilities originate from a real live intelligence production floor. Every feature is proved day in day out dozens working web intelligence analysts.

Robust, scalable Virtual HUMINT™ operations platform for cloaked target engagement and proactive influence

  • Switch identities instantly, on the fly
  • Single operator, multiple avatars
  • Full activity log, complete audit trail
  • Easy avatar configuration & maintenance

Graphical, organic, real time tools designed ground-up for intelligence work around social media and big data.

  • Organic Data Mapping & Source Mapping
  • Real Time Target Object Surveillance
  • Automated Graphical Link Analysis
  • Domain Adaptability through Dynamic Scoring

A concrete, flexible knowledge-management backbone based on our referential Intel-Item™ data-object rubric.

A multitude of efficiency enhancing collaboration & workflow, compartmentalization and internal auditing tools.

Operational Domains

A wide variety of international customers means that HIWIRE™ has evolved a plethora of built-in tools that ensure adaptability to a multitude of real-world operational requirements.

Law Enforcement

  • Domestic gang-related activity
  • Paedophilia
  • Identity theft & fraud
  • Follow-the-money operations

Digital Engagement & Influence

  • Identify key influencers and activists
  • Monitor opposition networks in real-time
  • Organically disseminate messaging
  • Exert soft influence on public opinion

Homeland Security (HLS)

  • Homegrown terror networks
  • Domestic radicalization networks
  • Transportation security threats
  • Sanctions & compliance issues

Cybercrime & Hacktivism

Focus technical defenses by sensing in real-time:

  • Who specifically wants to attack you?
  • What are their motives?
  • How are they organized?
  • What tools are at their disposal?


  • Analyze adversary knowledge bases online (HME, IED, TTPs)
  • Exploit enriched real time localized data for target specific ops
  • Support irregular warfare efforts

Business Intelligence

  • Corroborate and extend due diligence
  • Execute organic brand analysis
  • Discover organizational leaks
  • Pre-empt regulatory compliance issues
riot anonymus demonstration


At our core is a group of experienced Intelligence analysts who decided to build the intelligence system we wish we had when we started exploring and exploiting social media & deep web sources more than ten years ago.

About Us

webintPro originated in 2004 with a group of experienced analysts from military, police and civilian intelligence backgrounds who saw a bright future for OSINT in the incipient potential of mass online social media. We started out providing on-demand OSINT services to allied governments and global corporations.

As our business grew to encompass over 15 countries around the world, we turned our attention to the bespoke array of disparate tools that we had created to streamline production of high quality web intelligence. In 2011 we undertook to unite all those tools into a single analyst-empowering web intelligence system – HIWIRE™.

Today, webintPro Ltd. exclusively markets the HIWIRE™ system and its proprietary powerful suite of big data & social media analysis tools.


We rely on a vetted network of agents, resellers and other partners to present our system to various clients around the world, and much of our time is spent supporting this network fully.

If you have experience selling technology to Defense, HLS, Police, Government, or Global Corporations anywhere in the world, we would like to hear from you.

You will find us professional, knowledgeable and supportive, and our offering to be exceptionally well positioned.

Key People

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